Update from the Climate Forests & Woodlands Community of Practice

The Climate, Forests and Woodlands Community of Practice now includes a blog to highlight new CFW content. You can follow the blog to effortlessly keep up to date on new climate adaptation information related to forests. The newest content on the site includes the recently released regional vulnerability assessments from the USDA Climate Hubs. With the addition of this content, users can search regionally for the abstract and the full vulnerability assessment for their region of interest, including individual state assessments where available. Read More

CFW leadership just returned from Annapolis, MD where, together with the CLN, we attended the NE Climate Hub Partners Network meeting. CFW had the opportunity to meet the NE Hub leadership and team, learn about future direction, and present the CFW as an outreach multiplier with nationwide access to the land grant Extension community and their clientele. We look forward to an ongoing connection with the NE and all the USDA Climate Hubs.

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