PINEMAP Releases Decision Support Tool

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 3.41.51 PMThe PINEMAP Decision Support System is a new southern regional tool that launched earlier this year which uses climate data and pine productivity models to provide information on how the two interact. This tool is based on nearly 5 years of recent research and beyond that to more than 30 years of data on southern pine plantation management. Data from these studies are linked to state of the art climate models and specific location to allow the user to find out what environmental conditions are likely to be in the future, and how that may impact forest growth and productivity. Climate data is projected to the end of the century, but is broken up into 20 year time slices. So, for example, someone in Athens, GA could go to the tool to find out what summer precipitation conditions may be like from 2040-2060, or they may find out what what changes in temperature can be expected within that time period. Information which is very useful when planting trees with a 15-30 year harvest cycle. For more information go to or contact Leslie Boby at

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