Climate Hubs Needs Assessment Completed

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 3.17.19 PMThe CLN has completed a Needs Assessment of all 7 USDA Regional Climate Hubs and the 3 Sub-Hubs. The assessment was conducted via individual interviews with each of the Hub and Sub-Hub leaders. The process proved to be very useful for both the Hub leadership and the CLN. Through the interviews the CLN identified trends and limiting factors for the Hubs. The process also revealed the unique character of each hub and sub-hub.

Overall trends among the hubs include:

  1. There is a need in many of the Hubs for increased translational capacity to convert the products from research to outreach tools useful for reaching Hub stakeholder audiences. Specifically identified as useful is the development of train the trainer tools for Extension audiences.
  2. The unique geography and needs of each hub region result in diverse needs for regional stakeholders. Therefore it is necessary to consider specific needs when developing tools for each region. A mix of Hub targeted training and broader, national and global tools will likely provide the most effective path for training stakeholders.
  3. Many Hubs are currently involved in preliminary relationship building with their stakeholders and it is anticipated that a better understanding of their needs will develop as these relationships mature.

The final 56-page document is under review now and will be released shortly. Stay tuned to the CLN for a download link.

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