Midwest Climate Hub Holds Workshop on Climate Change and Midwest Agriculture

dca9f310-098d-40a2-a475-4396b3ef60fa.jpgCLN staff attended the Climate Change and Midwest Agriculture: Impacts, Challenges & Opportunities workshop held March 1st-2nd in Madison, WI. The Workshop provided an in-depth overview of climate change impacts in the Midwest and facilitated a working session using the beta version of the Adaptation Resources for Agriculture Workbook which is currently being adapted from the Northern Forestry Climate Hub’s Northern Forestry Adaptation Workbook.

The Workshop was attended by Midwest Climate Hub and Northern Forests Climate Hub staff and Leadership as well as Extension, ARS, NRCS and other USDA Agency Staff. Researchers from Universities throughout the Midwest were also in attendance. The working session using the new Workbook provided valuable feedback to the team adapting the document to fit agriculture. This feedback will be used to tailor the workbook for use in agriculture ultimately providing the Climate Hubs with a highly useful resource for Extension agents to use with producers in the region.

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