National Cattle Comfort Advisor Available Now

Oklahoma Mesonet has released a National version of their popular Cattle Comfort Advisor Tool which provides up to the hour projections on cattle comfort across the United States. A webinar about this tool is available on the USDA-NIFA Funded Great Plains Grazing Coordinated Agricultural Project (Grazing CAP) website. 


From Mesonet: “The Oklahoma Mesonet has expanded its Oklahoma Cattle Comfort Advisor to a national tool with the launch of the National Cattle Comfort Advisor. National cattle heat/cold stress maps are updated hourly and archived back to January 1, 2016. These national stress maps help cattle producers: monitor stress conditions using local environmental conditions, guide cattle water demand decisions, track weather changes that increase cattle health risk, track stress over multiple days, monitor severity of extreme weather events, monitor when to avoid working cattle, and know when transported cattle came from an area with weather stress. With no national database of solar radiation, the National Cattle Comfort Advisor calculates heat/cold stress at 100%, 60%, and 20% sunlight levels each hour. Users select the sunlight level map that best fits their local conditions. There are also national maps of 1.5 meter air temperature, 2 meter relative humidity, 2 meter wind speed estimated from 10 meter wind speed data, and estimated solar radiation in watts per meter squared for each sunlight level. The National Cattle Comfort Advisor is based on the ‘Comprehensive Climate Index’ formula for livestock stress from Mader et. al. 2010. Air temperature, relative humidity, and wind data are from National Weather Service METAR dataset.”




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