Eastern Seed Zone Forum Open

Capture.JPGThe USDA Forest Service Reforestation, Nurseries, and Genetic Resources team has been assigned the task of determining how best to develop seed zones for Region 9, the Northeastern Area, and the Southern Region. These seed zones are being developed to help the National Forest System address sustainable forest management and ecosystem restoration challenges related to climate change in a uniform manner across regional and political boundaries. These seed zones should be developed in a manner encourages their adoption by state partners, the Department of Agriculture (USDA), Department of Interior (DOI), state forestry agencies, NGOs, seed producers, land managers, and other interested groups or individuals.

A new website was developed for the Forum as a platform for information, a place to host a webinar series, and for regional groups to collaborate. The Seed Zone Forum team will review the literature supplied by top scientists, and consult with on-the-ground regional teams to develop zones that are biologically relevant, but also administratively feasible. The team invites natural resource professionals, or conservation practitioners, from public agencies (federal, state, county, etc), universities, NGOs and industries to help in this endeavor. Public webinars, forums and meetings will be held culminating in a final report to help determine the new seed zones.

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